It is Important to Be Kind to Our Asian Neighbors

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, we must be conscious that our Asian friends, family, and neighbors are facing greater adversity.  Apparently the 2020 election cycle will see the scapegoating of China.  And Amidst all this unfortunate rhetoric, we must double our efforts to let our Asian friends and neighbors know that we are in complete support of them as we all stand up to these wrong efforts to marginalize them for electoral advantage.

In the following deranged interview, so-called White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro claims that China is actually our “enemy,” that we are in a “war” with them, and that they have already “wiped out” many of our plants and factories across the Midwest.  Given his job, and the fact that China is our biggest trading partner, one might think that he’d have a different attitude.  And while Neil Cavuto may have exhibited integrity, however infrequently, in the past.  Sadly, none was to be found today.  And perhaps for this reason, the interview quickly devolves into an ungrounded and drifting comedy.  Enjoy.

Unitarianism (from Latin unitas “unity, oneness”, from unus “one”) is a Christian theological movement named for its belief that the God in Christianity is one person, as opposed to the Trinity (tri- from Latin tres “three”) which in many other branches of Christianity defines God as three persons in one being: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.[1] Unitarian Christians, therefore, believe that Jesus was inspired by God in his moral teachings, and he is a savior,[2][3] but he was not a deity or God incarnate. Unitarianism does not constitute one single Christian denomination, but rather refers to a collection of both extant and extinct Christian groups, whether historically related to each other or not, which share a common theological concept of the oneness nature of God.



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