Mike Tyson Speaks at Prisoner Reentry Conference

Mike Tyson has lived a life full of many twists and turns, starting out from one of the toughest ghettos in NYC and rising to the highest heights of fame and power.  Here he addresses a Prisoner Reentry Conference where he speaks about the challenges he’s endured and the truths that he’s held onto as he navigates life’s obstacle course.  Check out this quick video where he shares his hardships and optimism in the context of trying to help others make necessary life adjustments.



Unitarianism (from Latin unitas “unity, oneness”, from unus “one”) is a Christian theological movement named for its belief that the God in Christianity is one person, as opposed to the Trinity (tri- from Latin tres “three”) which in many other branches of Christianity defines God as three persons in one being: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.[1] Unitarian Christians, therefore, believe that Jesus was inspired by God in his moral teachings, and he is a savior,[2][3] but he was not a deity or God incarnate. Unitarianism does not constitute one single Christian denomination, but rather refers to a collection of both extant and extinct Christian groups, whether historically related to each other or not, which share a common theological concept of the oneness nature of God.



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